12 Shifts to Mastery of the Lunar Nodal Axis [12X] USD350


  • Access to the full 12 Shifts to Mastery course on the Jupiter Trine portal.
  • Access to the full 13 75min weekly group online meetings (Zoom), hosted by certified astrologer Richelle Steyn.
  • Online Group Discussion Forum (Jupiter Trine portal).


The 12 Shifts drive the 13 week experience. We start the course with a Welcoming LIVE Group Online Session. I will clearly communicate and demo what needs to be covered in the next (each) week. When you book, you will receive access and registration details via email to the Jupiter Trine portal. We’ll cover one Shift a week, giving you time to process, digest and assimilate the course material and personal insights. In the weekly Shift audibles, I model each Shift using my own birth chart. You can ask for help on the Group Discussion Forum as well as post your response to the weekly group review questions. At the end of each Shift we meet in our LIVE Group Online Session (Zoom) to review the Shift, share insights, ask questions and introduce the next Shift. If you cannot attend the Group Online Session LIVE, the weekly Group Sessions are recorded and available to view until the next Session.

Richelle is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer practicing locally and globally using the philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology together with other modalities for self-insight, empowerment and transformation. She certified with Evolutionary Astrologer Maurice Fernandez after completing The Comprehensive Diploma Program.


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