Course Consultation Session


60 minute personal one-on-one consultation session regarding Online Course or Experience content (Jupiter Trine) via Zoom (online).


Any personal one-on-one consultation session regarding any aspect of an Online Course or Experience you are currently attending (like 12 Steps to Mastery) hosted on the Jupiter Trine portal. This can relate to for example needing personal input and support around synthesis of your life experience relating to in your birth chart, as well as facilitation and consultation around personal dynamics that may arise over the duration of the course. This session offer is only available for the duration of the Online Course or Experience.

Richelle is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer practicing locally and globally using the philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology together with other modalities for self-insight, empowerment and transformation. She certified with Evolutionary Astrologer Maurice Fernandez after completing The Comprehensive Diploma Program.



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